Celebrating the “Whole Child” at the National Conference 


           The Basic School Center San Antonio is a school-community based organization. For the last fifteen years our core purpose has been to support, grow, and lead practice within the Basic School Framework with the “whole child”  in mind. Our work with elementary schools has impacted local, state, and national practice. The center is housed at West Avenue Elementary within the North East Independent School District in San Antonio, Texas.

Thanks to the George W. Brackenridge Foundation for their continued support since 1995!



Office Contact

West Avenue Elementary

3915 West Avenue

San Antonio, Texas 78213


Phone: 210-442-0750


Fax: 210-442-0756


“In the Basic School, community begins with a shared vision. It’s sustained by teachers who, as school leaders, bring inspiration and direction to the institution. Teachers are, without question, the heartbeat of a successful school.”


-Dr. Ernest Boyer